is match affinity any good

We know that the main question that is on the lips of people wanting to know about the service is " is match affinity any good?" so lets take a look at what we found. match affinit tries to take the Good points of eharmony and and put them into one package, in that [...]

Top 10 how to spot a dating scam

If answered YES to more than three of these on the quiz or below you have a scammer. When Contact is First Made They immediately want to get off the website and onto Yahoo IM or MSN IM Their profile seems to disappear off the website immediately after conversation begins They claim it was destiny or fate [...] Sued for Fake Profiles

Imagine walking past a bar that is advertising a singles night, looking through the window and seeing the place packed to the roof with good looking singles who are just your type- a couple of them wink, and wave at you. So you pay to get in, and take off your coat only to find [...]

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Choosing a Good Profile Picture

The second of a superb set of online dating tips from best selling author Dr Joel Block Ph.D., relationship expert for CanDoBetter:- One of the biggest things to keep in mind when posting is that both men and women are visual. So you got it…your pictures are going to be worth a thousand words. Write [...]

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Bad Girls Why Men Love Them and How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets

A brand new Book by Carole Lieberman M.D.Media Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author. We have been lucky enough to speak to Carole About dating, relationships and love and she has given us a sneak peak at her writing. "Just as little girls are forewarned that they’ll need to kiss a lot of frogs before they find [...]

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Success Tips For Women Dating After 40

Start With the Right Mindset By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT People are attracted to confident, self-assured individuals. If you approach dating from a place of insecurity and fear, it will project to everyone you meet. A healthy woman is not looking for a father-figure or someone to rescue her. She wants a mate, a confidant, a [...]

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Which Dating Site is Right for you?

Choosing a dating site is not always a simple task, and any advice is good advice ( or so they say). Today we have been lucky enough to be chatting to Logan Lo who blogs regulary about dating, relationships and life and we asked for Logans experiences of online dating, and how the sites used [...]

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Online Dating interviews alpha dog

We have been fortunate enough to bag an exclusive interview with the author of Alphadog, Get the Bitch You Want that is available at Amazon, Wing Girl Kim. The book itself is an informative ( even if a little tongue- in- cheek) take on dating and relationships for men, and we cant wait to get [...]

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