Bad Girls Why Men Love Them and How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets

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A brand new Book by Carole Lieberman M.D.Media Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author.

We have been lucky enough to speak to Carole About dating, relationships and love and she has given us a sneak peak at her writing.

“Just as little girls are forewarned that they’ll need to kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince, society forewarns little boys that they’ll need to slay a lot of dragons before they’ll win the heart of their true princess…. These men grow up believing they are not entitled to a princess unless they accomplish some death-defying feat equivalent to slaying a dragon, such as making a ton of money, driving a fancy car, living in a mansion, displaying trophies attesting to their prowess in some sport, or being able to flash business cards with an impressive title after their name.”

So begins my new book, Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets, a self-help relationship book written to empower men and women to find the love they deserve. In today’s times, true love has become more elusive than ever. Instead, men and women – fearful of being rejected and abandoned – end up hurting each other and perpetuating the pattern of ‘bad’ relationships. It’s not just you. It’s a jungle out there. But you can find out how to survive by understanding the psychology behind relationships. Why are you attracted to one person and not the other? Who is going to break your heart? How can you avoid heartbreak before it begins?

Bad girls are women who have been hurt or disappointed by their dad, and then by the men who have broken their hearts. So they’ve taken their heart off their sleeve and hardened it, deciding that, if they are not going to get love from a man, they’ll go after something else. I call them the Dozen Dangerous Damsels: Gold-Digger, Addict, Sex Siren, Sexual Withholder, Married Woman on the Prowl, Commitment-Phobe, Husband Hunter & Trapper, Husband Stealer, Ultimate Damsel in Distress, Cougar, Ball-Buster, and the Bad Girl Scorned.
Online (and offline) men need to be aware that they are more vulnerable than ever to bad girls because the economy and unstable world situation are making them feel emasculated. Bad girls take advantage of this by knowing how to make these men feel more powerful. Men can spot bad girls online because they come on strong, pretending not to be needy. They seem sexy, alluring, exciting… and know what to say to make a man fall into their trap.
Meanwhile, good girls are losing out to the bad girls. They don’t seem to have the same panache. They frighten men off because they seem like they will become too clingy or too serious. Ironically, these are the women who are actually more giving and loving than the bad girls.
So what’s the solution? Men need to take my “Sitting Duck Test” to find out how vulnerable they are to bad girls and to learn what makes each of the bad girls tick so that they can see them coming. Women need to take my “Bad Girl Test” and then learn the bad girls’ secrets to a man’s heart. Good girls need not become bad girls, but they need to discover the secrets bad girls use to get men to fall head over heels for them. Otherwise, they risk being left on the shelf forever.

Check out, where you can meet the Dozen Dangerous Damsels and watch video from my TV interviews that will get your love life off to a fresh start! Happy hunting!
Carole Lieberman M.D.Media Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author

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