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eHarmony Review- User Interface

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“Clear, easy to navigate, and very intuitive. The interface is not awash with annoying flashing objects, allowing me to focus on the task in hand”,

The user interface is clear and feels intuitive to use, the eharmony team have taken heed of calls from online singles to make the online relationships experience uncluttered and easy to navigate with their elegant but feature packed interface.

The  interface is set out in a way that easily allows users to get back to the familiar feel of their personal home page from pretty much anywhere in the site, through the use of “breadcrumbs” – these are clear links back to the main profile and settings page, in case you get lost ( this will not happen!!)

eharmony home page

The main page that you will be using when on the matchmaking site is your personal home page, from here you can access and change the answers that you gave whilst taking the eharmony personality test and also see other information like who has viewed your profile and keep tabs on those that you have been matched with.visit eharmony