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eHarmony Review -Signing Up

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“Signing Up to eharmony felt natural, and gave me a sense that they really wanted to get to know what makes me tick, and what type of partner I am looking for”,
Signing up is a painless affair, when compared to traditional dating sites and in its most basic form only takes 30 seconds- However, to take full advantage of the  service users will need to put in a little more time, and we suggest giving the profile building aspect of the site the most attention. Later on all of the potential partners that will be identified for you  by the system will be a selection based on the information that you submit at this stage. Read our tips for further advice

The First Steps – 30 seconds

eharmony sign up page

Getting started on the  site is really simple, and best of all FREE to try. The first thing you need to do is to complete a small form asking basic information, including your name, your geographic location and what you are looking for, once you have filled this out you hit the “give it a go” button at the bottom of the form, and your away!

Once you have completed this you are taken to your personal home page where you have a few options to choose from right away, but your main task after signing up is to complete your profile page. When you first enter onto your profile page you are brought to the “profile wizard” a useful page that lets you enter your basic information, along with up to date information around the percentages of the profile that you have completed.

The  profile is split into 4 main headings:

The basics – 5 minutes

As with most of the site the title says it all, this area of your  profile is dedicated to your basic information, and contains 11 drop-downs or input boxes for you to enter information like your occupation, height, education and Ethnicity.

Nothing too probing here, and the system will help you complete this page by dragging through information about like your name, age and location, through from the initial registration page.

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In my own words – 15 – 20 minutes

In my own words is a section that is aimed at helping the team get to know you and what makes you tick as a person, this section is split over two pages and includes both multiple choice selections and also free typed answers. the first page has 7 questions that you will need to answer by adding a small reply in a text box below each question. The questions are simple to answer and are not designed to trick you or catch you out , a typical question would be “What is the most important quality that you are looking for in another person?” – Using one word answers at this stage is not advised, but giving clear and concise replies is, as this will allow the eharmony matching system to draw on more in-depth information from you and be able to match you with the most compatible partner.

At first the prospect of completing the section may seem daunting, however don’t worry, the eharmony team have added a selection of sample answers to each question to give you inspiration, and help to guide you through the process in a natural way.

eharmony in my own words

Values-15 – 20 minutes

The values page is where you start to get a clear feel for what eharmony are trying to achieve, this is the section of the eharmony profile that you will want to spend the most time on, and put some real thought into your answers.

This section asks you to make 10 selections using tick boxes, for each main heading. (20 selections in total)

The values page of your  profile is split into two sections MUST HAVE  and CANT STANDS, and this is where you are setting out what you are looking for in a partner.

Under the MUST HAVES main heading there are 7 sub headings, and across these you will need to make 10 selections.

  • Traits –  E.G  “Chemistry…I must feel deeply in love with and attracted to my partner”
  • Family – E.G.”No Children…I must have someone who shares my desire to not have children.
  • Social Living – E.G. “Sociability….I Must have a partner who loves to socialise with lots of different people”
  • Spirituality – E.G. “Spirituality….I Must have someone with similar deep commitment to spirituality, who share my beliefs”
  • Financial – E.G. “Responsible…. My Partner must be financially responsible”
  • Sexuality – E.G. “Traditional….I must have someone who is reserved and traditional in their sexual needs”


This is the final section of the Values page and consists of just two main areas, you are asked to make 10 selections of either TRAITS or VALUES that you cant stand, and that you would rather not have in a potential partner.

eharmony values image

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My Photos

This is the final stage of the Signing Up process, and is pretty self explanatory, you are able to upload several pictures that you want to appear on your profile, and this can be done directly and securely from your own computer using an icon in to top right of the page, or you can browse using the…..”BROWSE” button below the selection of photos, if you have already uploaded some.