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eHarmony Review- Service

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“customer service,  is as accessible, friendly and quick to respond “,

The customer service team offer their users several ways to get in touch with them, you can email, snailmail and you can even give a real member of the team a call Monday to Friday 8am to 8 pm. on a free UK Number – 0800 028 0308

Real people

Having the ability to speak to a real person was something that really put our minds at ease, and demonstrated that the service are a serious organization as opposed to some online dating sites that do not offer the same level of investment in customer satisfaction.

eHamony Help

Much of the information that you will be looking for can be found easily in the help center, a specially designed area for members to browse help topics and read through detailed articles including membership options, communication types and even giving a heads up on the free communication weekends that the services promotes from time to time.

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