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eHamony Review -Pricing

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“eharmony membership pricing is in line with most of the main dating sites, however if you search you are able to bet some massive reductions “,

The cost of a membership subscription  is inline with other similar online relationship services and falls pretty much middle of the road in terms of cost, however the site does offer many discounts and other promotions that can se membership prices slashed by up to 72%

eharmony cost prices 2010

As the image above was taken directly from the eharmony website, we thought it prudent to actually put together a textual version that we can easily be updated with any changes that they make to the membership pricing structure.

Below you will find the latest information that is available about what the service costs, if you do find that we are behind and the cost has actually changed then please drop us a line or give us a nudge on the forum

ehamrony pricing – October 2010

Free membership= YES

1 Month is £34.95

3 Months for just £74.85

6 Months pricing at £89.70

12 Months a super £119.40

eHrmony Free Communication weekends

Signing up and opting for a paid membership subscription during a free communication weekend is the best way to try the online service out for free, free weekends are generally announced 3-4 days before a bank holiday or other special holiday in the UK and run for the entire weekend. During one of the promotional weekends users are able to try out all of the features of the service that they would have access to with a paid memberships subscription, but are unable to use when they have opted for a free trial account. You are able to freely communicate with all of your current and past matches that the system has found for you and you are able to take your online relationships to the next level.