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“eHamony is a site that is designed to appeal to busy, intellectual UK singles and the membership base covers a wide range of ages and professions – there is surely someone for everyone on this site”,

Just taking a quick look through the list of 454 eligible matches that we have been sent in the year since starting this eharmony review, it is great to see that we have been sent details of other singles that are all within the criteria that we set out as what we were looking for when we put some thought into creating our  profile.

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The details of other singles that we have been sent predominantly fall into the 27-37 year old, employed and adventurous bracket- this is a great number of matches considering that we set pretty sight requirements when signing up- i.e. no smokers, no children etc.

We have searched the internet high and low, and have resorted to the final resort of asking them directly what their current UK numbers are for active users on the relationship site.
At the most recent count that we have found an a year old Wiki page the UK Membership size was hovering around the 500,000 mark and growing fast.

Finding the total membership size  hasn’t been as difficult, and this was last reported to be a whopping 20 million worldwide members!

Watch this space for a definitive answer!