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eHarmony Psychometric test Review

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“The lichpin of the eharmony relationship site is the psychometric profiling- this is a great way to focus on those that are most likely to be compatible. “,

The  compatibility profiling process has regularly been called a “test” however we didnt feel that we were being tested, it was more like speaking to someone that we knew- and answering general questions around what we like and don’t like.

The process starts off, really without you knowing it- as when you complete the very first page of basic information this is then filed away to be linked with the rest of your responses to various stages of the signing up process, and is later called upon to give the system a much deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.

From filling in your name through to completion there are around 60 responses to questions or statements, that you will need to give in various different way including multiple choice and some free typed text input. However they have designed the system so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to think of what to say, on every box that requires you to type something rather than making a selection from a drop down list, the designers have added an example reply that you are able to have a read through so that you have an idea of the depth of response that they are looking for.