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score Dating Review is one of the most longstanding UK Dating sites, and as such has carved itself a reputation for quality over quantity. Parhsip prides itself in being one of the relationship site pioneers in  employing the scientific approach to matchmaking. , instead of offering tons of search options, Parship rely on their in-house  Psychometric Test to identify your unique character traits, and then pair you up with other profiles based on your answers – this will hopefully help you cut out a lot of needless searching and bring you relevant matches without extra effort on your part. This – to us, seems the perfect solution to having busy life’s and not wanting to spend hours trawling through relationship sites in the hope of finding a partner. people find their idea partner. It also offers great services such as the Singles Coaching to help to ensure that its members find love.

Parship fees seem to be pitched toward the higher end of the market, and although they are comparable with similar relationship sites they are slightly above the industry standard.  However we feel that it is important to note that the  Psychometric Test and subsequent matching service  is actually a direct service to you, and that this service will naturally attract a premium. . If you subscribe to a paid membership you will be offered  Singles Coaching , this is basically really useful tips and advice to help you navigate the online dating ocean, and avoiding any icebergs on the way Like Match .com  Parship  offer a  6 months free offer, if you don’t achieve regular contact with at least 10 members during the first six months- this definitely softens the initial blow of spending  £84, this offer is called the   Contact Guarantee

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Getting started – Putting together you PARSHIP profile

The Psychometric Test Is parships main selling point, and is what sets it aside from the majority of other UK relationship sites on the internet. The premise is simple but effective, parship asks you to complete a very thorough psychometric test, taking in everything from eye colour and favourite books to personal character traits and those qualities that you are expecting in your prospective partner At the end of your Psychometric test you will be given a full breakdown of  Parships findings  in the form of a 60 page personality profile report – the profile itself was well worth the £84 that we paid, as it highlighted character traits that we hadn’t noticed within ourselves and we actually opened a few account so that we each would get a profile done!

The report itself will now be used to match your traits with those of other profiles and the two profiles will be compared and assigned a compatibility score- the higher the score the more compatible your answers were with those of the person that you are matched with.

What’s bundled in - PARSHIP Features

Aside from the psychometric tests and compatibility matching, Singles Coaching  is a super  feature put in there to help users who are maybe new or not as confident make their first steps in communicating with matches that the system has chosen. If you sign up to the Singles Coaching program you will be assigned an actual relationship coach who will be at the end of the phone or email  during the evenings from 4pm-8pm. Again this is another example of the bespoke service that Parship offer. Your relationship coach will offer expert advice based on your situation and answer your specific queries directly . Another service that is unique to Parship is the  Dating Detox service, this is another scientific sounding process involving techniques  used in cognitive behavioural  therapy, more information can be found about this on the Parship site.

The Parship service is designed to be very user-friendly and to remove any possibility of  being intimidated or pressured, one example of this is the Contact Request  option,  you cannot directly send winks or e-mails to prospective partners at random like you can on other relationship sites, you must first request contact  from your proposed match and await confirmation that this is accepted.  Once this is accepted you are free to communicate with each other, and decide on their terms of your encounter. You will be given the choice as to how far you want to “open up” your online profile to the person you are communicating with for example: do you want to send a photo on first contact?, you can go further, it is possible to totally mask or hide your profile from searches- whilst we thought this ideas was a little counter productive to begin with,  we did see the logic of this when you had already found someone to interact with and you didn’t want to be disturbed by further communications, or contact requests.


The hunt- Searching on Parship

A great feature of Parship is that any search criteria that you set out will be saved when you join, and can simply be reselected in bulk for any further searches that you want to perform, saving  you tons of time if your requirements are specific and you need to set out very detailed searches. The Parship ethos is to bring you the most compatible matches available,  based on your own requirements and as such the search facility is not as detailed as the likes of

Free vs Paid site

You will get to complete Parship Psychometric test even with a free membership, however the report that you are given is nowhere near as detailed as the 60 personality profile that you get with a paid subscription. Whilst the free access is a reasonably good teaser, we feel that it doesn’t really show off the main selling points of this relationship site, that coupled with the contact guarantee represent great value  for 6 month subscriptions as you will either find what your looking for or be given another 6 months free.

Getting started - Signing up and creating your relationship profile,

When you first sign up you are able to create a free profile, and this will let you get a feel for what the site offers. Being able to use the search facility without having to pay a subscription – we thought this was a great idea, as it gives you the opportunity to see the profiles of other users and also keep an eye on how much interest your own profile  has generated..

Putting together your online persona can take a while, as there are several categories to complete- however we actually found this quite reassuring as it showed us what information other people on the site would have had to supply and gave us a confidence in the matching systems robustness. This level of detail helps the matching system compare your own character traits and preferences against those of the profile that you are viewing, and the matching system will highlight areas where you and your prospective partner are similar, meaning that you can quickly identify the information that is most important to you and focus in on that.

What’s bundled in - Features

One of the features that we really liked was the fact that match. Com  actually give you your own “match” email address, meaning that your own email address can be kept secret, and clear of spam. This email address can be used to send direct messages to people that have caught your eye, and then pop back later to see if they have replied. Any of you that have used Facebook, will already be quite familiar with some of the great little additions to your profile page, winks are a prime example ( or nudges on facebook ) If you do find someone that you may be interested in but don’t really want to dive right in with a full-blown e-mail you can simply send a wink, and the will trigger an automated e-mail telling the one of the profile that you have winked that you may be interested in communicating further – this is a great feature if your rushed for time but want to get the ball rolling whilst your away form the internet.

Also much like facebook you can add favourites, this is a list of your favourite profiles pinned to your homage, allowing you to see if they are online and any updates that they have made without having to search for them all over again. Match UK have become the latest UK Relationship site to delve into the scientific realm of the online compatibility test and creating full personality profiles- the match effort can best be described as s dumbed down version of the eharmony UK or Parship UK systems – you will be asked a range of specific questions aimed at helping you create a full picture of yourself, and then match. Com will compare this with compatibility profiles of others, sending you e-mails of your closest matches and inviting you to interact with them further.


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