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Match affinity 2010 Review 4 out of 5 stars Reviewer: Online Dating advisor September 2010 "match affinity UK, Best online dating site 2010"

Matchaffinity Review- 2010


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Match Affinity Review

Match affinity ia a great site for those that are looking for a lasting relationship, not only do they have a great search feature, but they are offering users free personality test, resulting in a detailed personality profile- giving an insight into what you are really like and what makes you tick!

Match affinity successfully provides the scientific properties of dating sites like eharmony, through their affinity test, but the site also manages to combine this with a great search interface- very much like that of its sister site this in effect gives you the best of both worlds, and in an excellent choice for seasoned online daters and brand new users alike.

The website offers a totally free membership level, however you are not usually able to communicate with those that the system matches you with -so all you can do is review your matches at this stage, however we have seen our first MATCH AFFINITY FREE WEEKEND in which not only can you have a free account, but you are also able to communicate with other members, much as if you had paid a subscription!

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Match Affinity TV Advertisement

Match affinity is a brand new online Dating site from the creators of, whilst doing our match affinity dating site review, we couldnt help but notice that match affinity as a dating site proposition, sits squarely between our 2009 winner eharmony and our 2009 runner up in that it fills the gap that we felt needed to be bridged between the two very different online dating sites, to give the best user experiance.

Whilst eharmony focuses on making sure that you find a compatible partner by bringing you daily updates of those users that most closely match what you are looking for in a potential partner, take the approach of offering users the best tools in the field to be able to actively search for love.

We found in our match affinity dating review that the meetic team have designed and successfully launched a website that does both! Not only do they offer a very comprehensive Compatibility matching service , with a very detailed questionnaire that asks you to list the traits that you are looking for and also the traits that you have, listing your values and also taking a taste of your outlook on life- in an attempt to compare this to the answers that other have given- and bring you closer to the group of people that your potential partner could be lurking in, but they also have a very capable search facility that we found lacking in eharmony UK.

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Match affinity - what they say

The match affinity opening blurb definitely got us interested!

“ At, Europe’s largest dating website , we’ve been providing a secure , well- moderated and user-friendly service for millions of British singles since 1999. Now we've developed MatchAffinity in response to customers who told us that they want more advice and help to find someone really compatible. The right foundations for a lasting relationship On MatchAffinity, we look at what makes you the person you are: your values, the way you live your life and the way you interact with others... and then we show you the people to whom we think you are well suited. You don't need to search through a database of millions of members: we will suggest highly compatible matches for you!”

Signing up to match affinity– Our review of this process

Signing up to match affinity was a very painless affair, in all it took us around 40 minutes- this included 2 cups of tea and a team debate about how to craft our personal ad!

The first thing that you asked to do is state your gender and whether you are looking for a man or woman, next you are asked general info like age and country of residence- then you are asked to chose a username ( this will identify you to other users and will be on your match affinity profile so give it some thought!) then your in.

Once into your personal home page you are offered a few choices as to what you want to do next, you can craft a personal add- which is basically a short blurb about yourself- this isn't as taxing as it sounds as you are offered advice from the match affinity coaches. (this is a very welcome service - but more about that later).

Much like the eharmony compatibility matching questionnaire you can stipulate the type of person that you are looking for with a series of questions like "lives near" or "whos education is" this is then used to filter through all of the other match affinity profiles and bring you the most compatible- for this match affinity review, we simply decided on our collective perfect partner and described them - with more resulting matches than expected!


Match Affinity Interface- the user experience

When doing this match affinity review we found the user interface very intuitive and easy to navigate, on the left of your match affinity profile page you are always 1 click away form going back to the start. So even if you do find your self lost ( very unlikely) you can get back on track. Another thing that we really liked was the clean and fresh feel of the interface, not only the simple layout- but also the bold colours that make it really clear to identify the different search options and various sections of the website.

The hunt – searching Match affinity

As opposed to the likes of eharmony and parship, match affinity dating has a full featured search facility alongside its compatibility matching system- this was like having our cake and eating it.

The search facility was quite appropriately named "search for a partner" and was laid out in the form of multiple choice drop downs and tick boxes. It gives all of the expected options like "age" and a drop down for "occupation" but also goes as far as letting you stipulate income and whether they smoke.

Another thing that we really liked about the affinity search facility was the ability NOT to have to give values to all of the criteria, so if you are unsure of exactly how important a specific aspect of your potential partner is, simply leave it blank and search anyway.

For this review we used quite a tight profile description to see how well the system handled our more outlandish requests- and suffice to say we were impressed by the fact that the match affinity system found us several "ANGOLIAN" females within driving distance!

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Match Affinity Features

Match affinity has tons of features that we have come to expect from any major online dating site; we particularly like the "are you interested" field on the profiles of other users. Not only does the system give you a clear compatibility rating marked as a percentage, but also lets you make the first move toward getting in touch by letting you send a pre scripted icebreaker with the touch of a button- this was a great timesaver for those that are interested in more than one profile or those that are rushed for time , but is also great for those that are not so forthcoming with introductions, as it doesn't require numerous re-writes of a "witty opening line" and you can rest assured that the person that you have sent the icebreaker to, will understand that you were not just being lazy, as this is the suggested method of initial contact on the site.

The site also offers a great team of relationship experts that are on available to you via the site for advice and tips, this could be by watching a coaching video or giving a REAL dedicated expert a call.

This is taken from the website "Dr. Cecilia d'Felice and her team of relationship experts are on hand to answer all your questions.

Relationship advice is available online via coaching videos and articles, and our subscribers can also call the coaching team for personalised tips and advice”

We thought that this was a great service, and shows a real commitment toward delivering a holistic customer service experience and desire of the site to get their users into long term relationships.

Match Affinity subscription costs 2010

Match affinity has several subscription packages that are designed so that you get the best of both worlds, without sacrificing value. You are able to start off a free membership and take test drive of the basic parts of the site moving onto paid subscriptions with a relatively cheap 3 month package for just £29.00 per month.