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eHarmony Reviews 2010 UK

"Our Reviews team loved this popular online dating site, not only do eHarmony offer a great user interface, and have a large UK membership base- but they also offer the best Online compatibility matching system that we have seen. If you are looking for value for money, look no further, this sites main selling point is that they offer a "relationship SERVICE" and they will bring you the most compatible matches each day without you having to search an endless database. Ideal for those that want less searching and more interaction.." Sites Editor

During our eHarmony Reviews we found that the service is not like the more traditional relationship websites- Instead of giving you access to a massive database of other singles for you to browse, you are matched to others that are rated using a compatibility matching system. When you first sign up you are asked to fill out a personal profile including a very detailed questionnaire, listing the traits that you have and those that are seeking to find a partner.

We signed up to eharmony for our reviews during one of their famous eharmony free weekends and we thought this was a great idea, not only to save users money, but also to allow users to get a real feel for the site- we thought this was a very innovative and BRAVE move for eharmony to make- not many online dating sites will give users full access before they part with their subscription payments!

*Newsflash- eHarmomy have announced that they offering users the chance to sign up to their site for a reduced rate, resulting in a 33% reduction in the cost of a 3 monthe membership- read more in our dating blog entry eharmony discount-33% off

The resulting personal profile ( a very interesting insight into how others may see you) is used to find the eharmony profiles of those that most closely meet your requirements then you are sent notifications each morning for you to review and pick one or more that you would like to communicate further with. This is an ideal situation for those that have hectic lives or simply don’t want to be glued to the computer for hours on end- as the matches are brought directly to you.

Getting started - Signing up and creating your relationship profile - Reviews,

Signing up for a free account is very quick and simple, once in your are given the choice of filling out a compatibility questionnaire and putting together your full personality profile.

Putting together your personality profile – takes quite a bit of time, however this may suit those of you that don't want to have to write tons of detailed information about yourself as it is comprised of a multiple choice questionnaire rather than you having to right paragraphs about what you  are like and what you are looking for. 

The idea behind this is that opposed to other dating sites, this site prefers to use a "scientific" approach to finding a partner,  and completing your compatibility questionnaire enables eharmony to eliminate more than 90% of potential partners on the site, meaning you have a very clear and defined picture of what you are looking for giving you the chance to let the system do the work. Once you have competed - what is honestly quite a lengthy process, your left with a very comprehensive breakdown of what makes you tick and also what your looking for in a partner.

We highly recommend being as honest as possible when filling out your questionnaire, the actual details of your replies to the questions posed will not be on show, and nobody will be able to see what you really think about smoking, but being honest will allow the system to create an accurate profile of you – and hopefully match you with a perfect partner.

Another thing that we want to point out is that although the questions seem a little random, they are designed by a team of psychologists- and the end result – your personality report will definitely make for good reading – and will give you an insight into how you are perceived by others through the traits that you show.

Now whilst we are sure you will have a good read of you own profile and maybe find trends or traits of your own, that you haven't noticed before, the serious business of finding a relationship can start proper.


eharmony membership size- reviews

The relationship site started in the US in 2002, and had gained massive momentum since this time, claiming that "256 marriages A DAY are of those that met on eharmony" with this type of record there is no surprise that the UK site is becoming so popular so quickly, and coupling this reputation with a massive advertising push means that there are masses of UK only profiles to choose from with that number increasing every day- whilst doing our review we were sent up to 9 matches each day- and of those most if not all made quite a nice fit into what we had set out on paper as our ideal partner. So although the UK membership may be under 2 million, there were no noticeable restrictions around being able to find us somebody to communicate with.

The Hunt - searching eHarmony UK

There is no usual 'search' of profiles in ther general sense but you you can select an option to browse through other profiles, however we have found that the compatibility matching system works just fine. The compatibility matching  system will  search the entire database and bring you profiles of prospective matches based on the expectations that you set out, then once you have your matches  it is up to you to decide if you want to and how you want to proceed, this – we thought was a perfect solution to the ever annoying problem of searching hundred s  of profiles to find a suitable relationship candidate .If you’re interested, you can start communicating with them, sending them an icebreaker, which comes in the form of a short questionnaire.

If you want to go directly to email , missing out the mini questionnaire you can use the  'Fast Track'  option,  and start to communicate directly if you r happy with going it alone    Although the emphasis is on the system finding you the most compatible match, its possible to go it alone if you wish, if you want to start looking for different people, you just have to adjust the 'match search' categories accordingly- and your away, this can be changed back at any time

Free V Paid - Reviews

Free eharmony membership lets you create a profile – and you get the detailed personality report (worth £20) for free as well. You get to review the profiles of your matches and decide if you want to take it any further with them, if you do then you will need to pay a subscription to the site- however the sites does run free communication weekends from time to time – these allow you to go that one step further on a free membership basis, and are well worth looking out for – they are generally once a month, but we do make regular updates about these on our blog or by a free RSS feed at the top of this page, that will email  you when they are happening.

Dating Interface

The interface is clear and navigation between options is intuitive By joining you get to complete a FREE relationship questionnaire and put together a detailed personality profile which will help you to outline your character traits as well as those of a person you’re ideally wishing to find. 
The actual interface is designed like the rest of the site- to appeal to more sophisticated (older? 35+?) users, trimming out things like “winks” and “nudges” and opting for more serious sounding communication options, like icebreakers- which as the name implies are 1 click messages to those members that take your interest letting them know that you have notices their profile and may want to communicate further- this leads on to guides communication- which again is clearly labelled, and allows you to send a set of pre drafted ( by the eharmony system) tick questions to send to your potential suitor, and they will then reply in the same way before deciding if you want to go to the next step of direct email.
So if all you want is a fling, a flirt or a one night stand, this will probably not be worth your while. But if you’re looking for the real thing, this site might just prove to be the one that you’ve been looking for.

Eharmony features - Reviews

So what do you get when you sign up?

This relationship site is designed for those that simply want to see who else is out there and be able to pick the ones that most appeal to them and get right to the business of forming a lasting relationship- and as such the features list is not massive, the main aim of the site is to take detailed information and use that to bring the matches to you rather than have you use a myriad of pokes, winks, nudges to umpteen profiles hoping that one will respond- the userbase from our experience seem very comitted and a well organised group of individuals so trusting “the machine” to find us love didn’t seem to be a bad thing.