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“We have joined the best relationship sites- see which came out top”.

Welcome to Relationship sites, the top online love website comparison resource, the aim of this site is simple, we aim to give you honest, free and impartial online dating reviews of some of the best  relationship sites.

We have spent the last 2 years looking at all manner of sites, and we think that we have finally been able to give a concise verdict on witch was not only best value for money, or the easiest relationship site site to use- but we have gone one step further by signing up to tonnes of Relationship sites starting in 2009, and evaluating the number of “relationships” we were able to form and review how likely the average UK single is to be able to actually find love!

There are literally thousands of relationship sites to choose from in the UK or US, with several hundred of these just focusing on London, and with this amount of choice there is no wonder that users are becoming disillusioned with the sites that they have tried.
Over that last few years there has been a surge of Blog posts all over the internet from disgruntled online daters, and those seeking a relationship via websites, who have signed up and paid for a 3 month subscription to one of the top sites, only to find that they found the user interface difficult to navigate or that the types of people on the database simply were not their type.

So this is where we step in, with over 10 years in the online relationship sites indusrty, not only are we able to highlight features that have proven to be usefull when finding love, but we have also honed the fine art of “people watching” – using the statistical information that we have collected over the years we are able to identify the main traits that successful relationship sites have that lead to relationships for their users.

When setting out to find love on the internet information is key – being able to make an informed choice about the type of relationship site that best suites not only your budget as far as subscription costs goes, but also suits you as a person. There is no point paying ¬£45+ for a 3 month relationship site subscription to a site that relies on you logging on for 3 hours day if you are only going to be able to commit an hour a week. Likewise there are sites like Match Affinity, who will provide a compatibility matching service for their users- who typically tend to be more “hands off” in their search for a partner, and who seem to fit very well with the idea of the compatibility matching site doing all of the work and looking for a partner on your behalf, even going as far as comparing your traits, likes and dislikes and only notifying you by email of those profiles that most closely match what you have set out as your ideal.

Because most Relationship sites don’t offer a full look at what you get with a paid subscription, we have gone inside and written about what we liked and also what we didn’t like so much. Dont go signing up to the first site that you find on google, simply because its at the top, would you buy a house without looking inside? – we hope not. Instead of walking down the windy path of online dating and relationship sites blind, arm yourself with the correct tools for your search and read our UK Relationship site reviews for 2013- and see which on you think fits your prefered method of dating.